My Platform

Some people running for public office have defined their message around the word “again.” I look to the future: The future for our children, the future for our livelihoods, our retirement, the future of our town.

New Milford, like Connecticut, has to compete against other places to attract business investment, tourist dollars, and residents. But how many of our competitors can boast of assets the equal of Candlewood Lake, the Litchfield Hills, the spectacular Housatonic River, and the most beautiful historic town center in all of New England?

New Milford is every bit as lovely as Vermont yet only 70 miles from Times Square. With enlightened, forward-looking leadership, we can offer a quality-of-life that’s second to none, and attainable for all. The future of our town Is Bright!


Quality Education

New Milford has seen itself fall behind the state in education, with per-pupil spending near the bottom of statewide rankings. Families move to surrounding towns to utilize our services but don’t want to send their kids to school here. Our students, our teachers, and our taxpayers deserve better. Tom wants to focus on addressing the individual needs of all students, with greater emphasis on preparing them for the workforce. Throwing money at a problem alone doesn’t solve it; instead, we need to take a thoughtful and long term approach to our schools, and can reduce costs without sacrificing what makes them great.

●    Solicit community input to develop a 5-year master plan for funding and improving our public school

● Restore teaching and support staff positions that have fallen victim to years of budget cuts

●   Work with business and industry to offer vocational training to high-schoolers and career-changers

● Increase efficiency by merging purchasing and maintenances services with Town government

Quality Economy

New Milford, like Connecticut, can set itself apart by the quality that our economy can produce. The town has so much to draw on and attract tourism and new residents but our leadership hasn’t adequately capitalized on them. Tom brings a track record of putting forward a vision for New Milford and successfully executing it (NM River Trail) that improve both the economy and people’s quality of life.

●     Invest in recreational opportunities that will draw tourists, residents, and entrepreneurs to our town.

●     Collaborate with private developers to build attractive (affordable and market-rate) downtown housing that will revitalize our central business district 

●     Expand multi-modal transportation offerings—including passenger rail—to reduce commute times, lower transportation costs, and boost tourism

● Relocate Public Works to Century Brass site, redevelop the riverfront, and improve its connection to downtown

Quality Government

Resident’s deserve a government that’s responsive to their needs, and helps make their daily lives a bit easier. Tom has a track record of setting big goals and seeing them through, and he will lead the way to help reduce costs to the taxpayer while creating a more efficient, transparent local government.

●     Establish 10-year capital plan for roads, bridges, and building maintenance, and work closely with WestCOG to secure funding opportunities

●     Outfit and staff Public Works garage to service all town-owned vehicles

●. Enable Board of Education and Culinary School to move to Pettibone Community Center

●     Introduce public/private partnership with solar companies to reduce energy costs for New Milford residents

●. Lead the way to create a regional healthcare compact to reduce costs for small businesses