My Plan

I am the right man for the job because I have a proven track record of success in setting a vision for the town and then successfully achieving it. As a community leader who worked to develop the New Milford River Trail, I set a goal to improve resident’s quality of life and then was able to see it through. As a carpenter, I learned that if you’re hired for a job you either do it right or they find someone else. I also know that to achieve anything, you need the right tools for the job. That’s the mentality I’ll bring as the next Mayor of New Milford.



I. Tourism

  1. Expand upon our existing River Trail to connect with surrounding towns.

  2. Implement a communications and marketing strategy to bring regional awareness to the assets of our town.

  3. Work to re-establish our commuter rail line to bring more people into our downtown with ease.

 II. Downtown Housing Development

  1. Relocate the public works department which is currently occupying prime real-estate along our waterfront.

  2. Work with private developers to build affordable and market rate housing along the riverfront and other areas that are within safe and easy walking distance of downtown

  3. Improve the sidewalk network and upgrade pedestrian crossing (especially on East Street) to encourage nearby residents to walk downtown.

  4. Create weekly public events along the riverfront modeled after other successful cities and towns.

new milford bus.jpg


Multimodal Transportation 

  1. As we develop the downtown, implement a “Complete Streets” Plan that more effectively designs our roads to allow pedestrians, bikers, and more to navigate the area safely.

  2. Implement a bus route between New Milford and the Brewster train line to give commuters better options for travelling to and from work.

  3. Work with the municipal government to develop a rapid-response app that allows residents to report areas in need of road repair.

 Passenger Rail

  1. Work with Congresswoman Hayes’s office on grant applications for federal TIGER grant funding.

  2. Collaborate with local municipalities similarly situated to lobby the state for improved and expanded rail service.

  3. Begin dialogue with Housatonic Railroad and CTDOT to promote the value of upgrading the badly deteriorating rail bed into a multi-modal transportation corridor, with a state-of-the-art seamless rail line on one side and a paved bike/ped trail (separated by fencing) on the other.

new milford high school.jpg


Education for All

Education is the most vital tool for helping our children achieve success. It’s also the largest expenditure of any municipality, and for years the taxpayers have been paying more but getting less. We can change that through a smarter approach to education, one that provides our kids greater opportunities while reducing the burden on the taxpayer. 

  1. Work with Kimberly-Clark, New Milford Board of Ed, and Abbott Technical High School to ensure that our largest manufacturer is able to fill it’s needs for skilled employees, and make non-college bound students aware of this opportunity to secure well paid jobs in their hometown, without going into debt.

  2. Bring community members together to create a long term “Master Plan” for New Milford schools that helps give taxpayers more certainty in the annual budget proposals and gives our BOE a direction for the town’s priorities.

  3. Introduce greater technology resources into the school that reduce long term costs and bring our school’s into the modern era.



Residents in certain towns of CT enjoy the freedom of having their own local energy producer, and don’t have to deal with the ever increasing costs and red tape of major companies like Eversource. Why can’t we do that here?  

With solar energy on the rise, and various proposals to develop our land with solar, Tom has a plan of his own to reduce the energy cost of every resident in New Milford.  

  1. Allocate the vast surface area of the “trash mountain” in town to development for solar panels.

  2. Allow private companies to bid for and enter into a public-private partnership with New Milford to be the exclusive solar energy provider for all municipal buildings.

  3. Bond for the initial cost of the solar panel development, with a portion of revenues from the sale of unused energy to companies like Eversource dedicated to paying off the bond.

  4. Work with the CT Department of Housing to offer grants and low interest loans to homeowners who retrofit their homes for solar energy. 

new milford hospital.jpg


One of the largest barriers to starting a new business is the cost of health insurance. We can change that. Tom will lead the way with local municipalities to create a regionalized health care compact that will allow residents who wish to buy into the plan to reduce their healthcare costs by 20%.   

  1. Work with the Western CT Council of Governments to establish a subcommittee on healthcare.

  2. Propose a group-purchasing health insurance model similar to that proposed by Comptroller Lembo to allow private insurers the ability to bid for a region-wide healthcare plan that will cover all residents who buy into it in exchange for a 20% reduction in cost compared to their competitors.

  3. Work with health insurance companies to develop a municipal-specific healthcare coverage plan for new small business owners.